2014-08-01 CryptoManiacNew port numbers master
2014-07-23 CryptoManiacRevert height comparison change
2014-07-23 CryptoManiacUpdate wine build script
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacComment out localhost
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacFix building issues.
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacAdd servers.
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacRename files
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacInitial novacoin support
2014-07-16 ThomasVAmountEdit:get_amount
2014-07-14 ThomasVfix: check if wallet has master_private_keys
2014-07-14 ThomasVget_seed -> check_password
2014-07-14 ThomasVfix get_pubkeys call
2014-07-14 ThomasVrm dead code
2014-07-14 ThomasVrm get_address_flags (no longer used)
2014-07-14 ThomasVload_transactions
2014-07-14 ThomasVload imported_keys outside of load_accounts
2014-07-14 ThomasVmove master_private_keys and master_public_keys to...
2014-07-13 ThomasVupdates for gtk gui
2014-07-13 ThomasVfix: update commands with new transaction constructors
2014-07-13 ThomasVshow txid in invoice details
2014-07-13 ThomasVfix: store key of invoices for retrieval
2014-07-13 ThomasVdisplay dates in invoices tab
2014-07-12 ThomasVwizard restore: abort if wallet is None
2014-07-12 ThomasValways enable qr scanner plugin
2014-07-12 ThomasVmissing import
2014-07-11 ThomasVsimplified dialog for new file name
2014-07-11 ThomasVMerge pull request #758 from wozz/spacing-fix
2014-07-11 Michael Wozniakfix spacing for indent
2014-07-10 ThomasVwizard restore hook
2014-07-10 ThomasVrun_hook: no more than one plugin shall return a result
2014-07-10 ThomasVMerge pull request #749 from chrisglass/clean-tests...
2014-07-09 ThomasVfix: new outputs format and payment requests
2014-07-09 ThomasVdon't use address_is_old in code that can be run offlin...
2014-07-09 ThomasVdon't use address_is_old in code that can be run offline
2014-07-09 Chris GlassRemoved failing test for now
2014-07-09 Chris GlassAdd tests to the wallet.py module.
2014-07-08 ThomasVfix: add type 'aaddress' in change output
2014-07-08 ThomasVstore output type explicitly in tuple
2014-07-08 ThomasVfix syntax of redeem_script
2014-07-08 ThomasVuse QPlainTextEdit instead of QTextEdit
2014-07-07 ThomasVfix: get_action
2014-07-07 ThomasVmake seed dialog a bit wider
2014-07-07 ThomasVtransaction: separate deserialize and update methods
2014-07-07 ThomasVfixes for pending accounts
2014-07-06 ThomasVget_master_public_key: always return xpub of main account
2014-07-06 ThomasVrm duplicate method getpubkey
2014-07-06 ThomasVadd_keypairs: simplification
2014-07-06 ThomasVRewrite accounts and transactions: store pubkeys instea...
2014-07-05 ThomasVwizard: ask for password earlier during restore
2014-07-05 ThomasVfix #750
2014-07-01 ThomasVfix: get_action should call get_master_public_key
2014-07-01 ThomasVbetter integration of plugins in installwizard (for...
2014-07-01 ThomasVfix: abort signing thread if wallet is watching only
2014-06-30 ThomasVadd support for RSA_SHA256
2014-06-30 ThomasVfix #744
2014-06-30 ThomasVtry pyasn1-modules as well
2014-06-30 ThomasVfix #745
2014-06-30 ThomasVMerge pull request #746 from slush0/bits
2014-06-30 ThomasVMerge pull request #743 from pooler/usagefix
2014-06-30 ThomasVMerge pull request #747 from wozz/URI_tests
2014-06-30 Michael WozniakShouldn't redo URI encoding
2014-06-30 Michael WozniakUpdate tests and fix URI parsing
2014-06-30 slush0Added base unit 'bits'.
2014-06-30 poolerFix usage summary
2014-06-27 ThomasVsupport for OP_RETURN
2014-06-27 ThomasVMerge pull request #741 from chrisglass/clean-support...
2014-06-27 Chris GlassMade use of fewer constants
2014-06-27 Chris GlassMade all bip32 primitives testnet compatible.
2014-06-27 ThomasVfix missing import. fixes #738
2014-06-27 ThomasVupdate comment on x509 class
2014-06-27 ThomasVoptional parameters for create_new_address
2014-06-27 ThomasVuse x509 to check if server certificate has expired
2014-06-26 ThomasVdon't show qrcode button in payto if it is a payment...
2014-06-26 ThomasVuse the ca list that ships with requests. update test.
2014-06-26 ThomasVcatch zbar.UnsupportedError
2014-06-26 ThomasVallow address creation beyond gap limit in GUI. fixes...
2014-06-26 ThomasVuse an input queue in synchronizer, so that new address...
2014-06-26 ThomasVMerge pull request #737 from chrisglass/fix-user-config...
2014-06-26 Chris GlassFixed docstrings
2014-06-26 Chris GlassFixes previously introduced bug
2014-06-26 ThomasVMerge pull request #736 from chrisglass/more-tests-2
2014-06-26 Chris GlassForward-merging changes from master
2014-06-26 Chris GlassAdded more tests for user config parsing.
2014-06-26 ThomasVestimate fee using number of outputs
2014-06-26 Chris GlassAdded tests for the system config function.
2014-06-25 Chris GlassSystem config should never be None
2014-06-25 Chris GlassAdded more tests for edge cases.
2014-06-25 Chris GlassTravis now excludes "gui"
2014-06-25 Chris GlassDo not use mutables as default values!
2014-06-25 Chris GlassAdded a lot of tests for SimpleConfig
2014-06-25 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/spesmilo...
2014-06-25 ThomasVrestore from xprv
2014-06-25 ThomasVMerge pull request #733 from chrisglass/add-more-tests
2014-06-25 ThomasVMerge pull request #732 from chrisglass/fix-travis
2014-06-25 Chris GlassMerging master to add-more-test to fix travis
2014-06-25 Chris GlassAdded mnemonic to seed tests
2014-06-25 Chris GlassChanged pacakge dependencies for travis
2014-06-25 Chris GlassRenamed travis config file.
2014-06-25 ThomasVComment on wallet classes. Use address_is_old to check...
2014-06-25 Chris GlassAdded util test file