Merge branch 'master' of
[electrum-server.git] / backends / bitcoind /
2013-12-09 ThomasVfix memleak with subscriptions
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse set instead of list in memorypool_update
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse a dict for sessions, instead of a list. Deprecates #48
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix locks
2013-12-03 ThomasVpass sessions to processors; fixes memory leak in watch...
2013-11-24 ThomasVstop server if txindex not used
2013-11-14 ThomasVminor fix
2013-11-07 Emery Hemingwayfixes to complete mainline_bitcoind merge
2013-11-07 Emery HemingwayMerge branch 'mainline_bitcoind' of
2013-11-07 Luke DashjrAdjust code to work with unpatched bitcoind
2013-10-23 ThomasVcatch exceptions in script_GetOP
2013-08-18 Eagle[TM]properly fix caller OP codes from bitcoin upstream...
2013-08-11 daeronmeyerUpdate
2013-05-05 ThomasVparanoid_checks
2013-05-02 ThomasVwait until bitcoind is ready on startup
2013-04-30 ThomasVin mempool, use input addresses from parser instead...
2013-04-29 ThomasVdon't remove dupes in touched_addresses, it is wasteful
2013-04-28 ThomasVvastly more efficient method for invalidating cache...
2013-04-20 ThomasVvarious fixes
2013-04-15 ThomasVMerge pull request #28 from jkozera/patch-3
2013-04-14 Jerzy KozeraGet address from mempool for prevout not in db
2013-04-14 Jerzy KozeraOrder transactions from the same block correctly
2013-04-07 ThomasVstop if an exception occurs other than KeyError
2013-04-07 ThomasVfix
2013-04-06 ThomasVfix: set is not a list
2013-04-06 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-06 ThomasVsemi-pruning server
2013-03-27 Björge Dijkstra[perf] Fetch keys of mempool history maps outside of...
2013-03-04 ThomasVnew database format, that handles p2sh addresses
2013-01-31 ThomasVremove comment from log
2013-01-30 ThomasVdeserialize p2sh transactions
2013-01-28 ThomasVreduce logs
2013-01-28 ThomasVbugfix: quotes introduced in the pep8 commit
2013-01-21 ThomasVfix: get_history was sorting with the wrong key.
2013-01-14 Bryan StittFix accidental change
2013-01-14 Bryan Stittpep8 and utility cleanup
2012-12-07 ThomasVcatch exception raised when mempool has changed
2012-12-02 ThomasVterminate if bitcoind is dead
2012-11-24 ThomasVdo not raise an error, send it in the result instead
2012-11-24 ThomasVdon't add new histories to the log during reorgs
2012-11-21 ThomasVfix caching problem with chunks
2012-11-20 ThomasVpassword protect unsubscribe
2012-11-20 ThomasVremove unsubscribed addresses
2012-11-20 ThomasVfix: convert h160 to addresses
2012-11-20 ThomasVfix address format in logs
2012-11-19 ThomasVfix for strange tx
2012-11-19 ThomasVparse black holes correctly
2012-11-19 ThomasVfix: this wasnt the right place
2012-11-19 ThomasVwrite strange transactions if they have a nonzero value
2012-11-19 ThomasVstore hashes in the database, to optimize space. use...
2012-11-19 ThomasVdo not add output if it does not have an address (coinbase)
2012-11-19 ThomasVdo not store undo info during catch up
2012-11-18 ThomasVfixes
2012-11-18 ThomasVfix
2012-11-18 ThomasVstore limited undo information for reorgs
2012-11-18 ThomasVfix for blockchain reorgs
2012-11-16 ThomasVbug: wrong name
2012-11-16 ThomasVfix and improve clarity
2012-11-16 ThomasVadd timestamp to all log lines
2012-11-15 ThomasVfix memory pool and cache
2012-11-15 ThomasVfix mempool and notifications
2012-11-15 ThomasVslightly improved messages
2012-11-15 ThomasVfix memory pool
2012-11-14 ThomasVfixes
2012-11-14 ThomasVstore headers file locally for get_chunk
2012-11-14 ThomasVvarious bug fixes
2012-11-14 ThomasVfix a few bugs
2012-11-14 ThomasVbitcoind + levelDB processor integration
2012-11-11 ThomasVnew bitcoind backend (experimental)