use set instead of list in memorypool_update
[electrum-server.git] /
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse a dict for sessions, instead of a list. Deprecates #48
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix: restore method get_session_by_address
2013-12-04 ThomasVadd a sleep() to sessions, and remove some dead code
2013-12-03 ThomasVpass sessions to processors; fixes memory leak in watch...
2013-11-25 ThomasVfix another memory leak
2013-04-26 ThomasVremove inactive sessions after 1000s
2013-04-20 ThomasVvarious fixes
2013-04-18 ThomasVfix possible race condition in collect_gargage
2013-01-14 Bryan Stittpep8 and utility cleanup
2012-11-24 ThomasVsession name for ssl
2012-11-20 ThomasVpassword protect unsubscribe
2012-11-20 ThomasVremove unsubscribed addresses
2012-11-16 ThomasVadd timestamp to all log lines
2012-11-14 ThomasVkeep old clients
2012-11-14 ThomasVfix a few bugs
2012-11-14 ThomasVbitcoind + levelDB processor integration
2012-11-11 ThomasVnew bitcoind backend (experimental)
2012-11-08 ThomasVdo not queue requests that can be answered using the...
2012-11-05 ThomasVbugfix: restore method name
2012-11-04 ThomasVclient sends protocol version
2012-11-04 ThomasVfix: rename method subscribe2
2012-11-04 ThomasVnew protocol (version 0.5), sending serialized transactions
2012-10-25 ThomasVblockchain.headers subscription service
2012-06-28 ThomasVcatch exceptions in dispatch thread
2012-06-13 ThomasVrestructuring: each processor has its own queue
2012-06-13 ThomasVthreadsafe get_session
2012-06-05 ThomasVadd timeout for http sessions
2012-06-05 ThomasVmove http sessions into dispatcher
2012-05-14 ThomasVAccess-Control-Allow-Origin ; session bug workaround
2012-05-02 ThomasVdo not log connections with no subscriptions
2012-04-30 ThomasVadd server info command. send command line commands...
2012-04-30 ThomasVfix logging info: address
2012-04-29 ThomasVfix for sending notifications
2012-04-29 ThomasVrelax json rules for 0.43 clients. do not add None...
2012-04-23 genjixbe stricter with response typing.
2012-04-22 genjixBugfix: allow blockchain.address.subscribe notification...
2012-04-22 genjixC++ core with working memory pool
2012-04-19 genjixmempool subscribe works with outputs of transactions.
2012-04-15 genjix"methods" and "params" shouldnt be in response json.
2012-04-01 ThomasVimproved logging
2012-03-29 ThomasVcreate dispatcher class; redefine processors as threads
2012-03-28 ThomasVfix for http server
2012-03-28 ThomasVgeneric processor; register backends
2012-03-28 ThomasVmore modularisation
2012-03-28 ThomasVmajor reorganisation, http works now