2015-07-30 CryptoManiacFix reorg issues master
2015-07-27 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #3 from fsb4000/master
2015-07-27 fsb4000обработка исключения при реорге 3/head
2015-07-20 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #2 from fsb4000/master
2015-07-20 fsb4000fix server crash due to orphaned block in header file 2/head
2015-07-20 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #1 from fsb4000/patch-1
2015-07-14 fsb4000опечатка в URL novacoin репозитария 1/head
2014-08-01 CryptoManiacREADME update
2014-08-01 CryptoManiacPort numbers adjustment
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacDocumentation update
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacSimplify block parsing
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacNovacoin: update minimal version
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacNovacoin: update titles
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacNovacoin: add scrypt module source, update documentation
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacNovacoin: beginning of adaptation for NVC protocol.
2014-06-21 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Recommend bitcoind 0.9.2
2014-04-28 ThomasVincrease delay between irc messages sent, to avoid...
2014-04-17 ThomasVcode cleanup
2014-04-16 wozzUpdate IRC parsing to avoid errors
2014-04-12 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Recommend bitcoind 0.9.1; fix electrum path...
2014-04-09 wozzLog KICK messages from IRC
2014-03-27 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Update for plyvel UTXO version, recommend bitcoi...
2014-03-15 ThomasVlet config file override default ports with empty string
2014-03-14 ThomasVhandle signals
2014-03-14 ThomasVsimplification
2014-03-08 ThomasVadd a separate channel for server commands
2014-03-07 ThomasVimport transports earlier
2014-03-07 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2014-03-07 ThomasVupdate documentation
2014-03-07 ThomasVadd log messages for irc
2014-03-04 Eagle[TM]hardening against multiple path_fulltree definitions...
2014-03-04 ThomasVfixes for start script
2014-03-04 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2014-03-04 ThomasVfixes
2014-03-01 ThomasVincrease db version
2014-03-01 ThomasVfix: use address and not key in db_addr
2014-03-01 ThomasVadd memory pool results to getaddressbalance
2014-02-25 ThomasVcheck pid before start
2014-02-24 ThomasVadd more debug messages to log
2014-02-24 ThomasVMerge branch 'fulltree'
2014-02-24 ThomasVfix typo
2014-02-23 Eagle[TM]start: use .gz archives for some basic compression
2014-02-23 Eagle[TM]start: strip one dir on tar unpack, electrum_config...
2014-02-19 ThomasVMerge branch 'fulltree' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2014-02-19 ThomasVdon't display traceback if client does not send version...
2014-02-18 Eagle[TM]startup: error conditions for missing files, wget on...
2014-02-17 ThomasVcheck if a server is running before startup
2014-02-17 ThomasVfoundry url
2014-02-17 ThomasVadd foundry script
2014-02-17 ThomasVclean stop script
2014-02-17 ThomasVjoin threads during server shutdown
2014-01-30 ThomasVfix error message in get_address
2014-01-30 ThomasVfix variable name
2014-01-29 ThomasVaddress.get_proof, utxo.get_address
2014-01-25 ThomasVcompute and send utxo_root with header
2014-01-25 ThomasVuse more consistent names for databases
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix prev_root_hash
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix excess flood
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix excess flood
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix
2014-01-24 ThomasVfixes
2014-01-24 ThomasVfix push_response session
2014-01-21 ThomasVversion number
2014-01-20 ThomasVMerge branch 'fulltree' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2014-01-20 ThomasVupdate protocol
2014-01-20 ThomasVstore heights, and pruned histories
2014-01-20 ThomasVhash tree of unspents
2014-01-20 ThomasVupdate protocol
2014-01-15 ThomasVstore heights, and pruned histories
2014-01-14 ThomasVhash tree of unspents
2014-01-03 Eagle[TM]set IRC default to off, cleanup sample config
2013-12-30 ThomasVless verbose
2013-12-29 ThomasVplyvel
2013-12-16 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-12-16 ThomasVwait a bit before asking for a new socket if the link...
2013-12-09 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Update bitcoind recommendation to 0.8.6
2013-12-09 ThomasVfix memleak with subscriptions
2013-12-06 ThomasVdon't use python's random for session IDs
2013-12-06 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Step numbering (cosmetic)
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse set instead of list in memorypool_update
2013-12-06 Eagle[TM]irc: fix random nick generation with hex string in...
2013-12-06 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse a dict for sessions, instead of a list. Deprecates #48
2013-12-04 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: re-add compile example for bitcoind
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix: restore method get_session_by_address
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix
2013-12-04 ThomasVadd a sleep() to sessions, and remove some dead code
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix locks
2013-12-03 ThomasVpass sessions to processors; fixes memory leak in watch...
2013-11-25 ThomasVstop session immediately if handshake fails; move some...
2013-11-25 ThomasVfix another memory leak
2013-11-24 ThomasVheapy commands
2013-11-24 ThomasVstop server if txindex not used
2013-11-24 ThomasVfix memory leak (caused by thread never terminating)
2013-11-14 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-11-14 ThomasVremove support for abe
2013-11-14 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: typo