2013-12-09 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Update bitcoind recommendation to 0.8.6
2013-12-09 ThomasVfix memleak with subscriptions
2013-12-06 ThomasVdon't use python's random for session IDs
2013-12-06 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Step numbering (cosmetic)
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse set instead of list in memorypool_update
2013-12-06 Eagle[TM]irc: fix random nick generation with hex string in...
2013-12-06 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-12-06 ThomasVuse a dict for sessions, instead of a list. Deprecates #48
2013-12-04 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: re-add compile example for bitcoind
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix: restore method get_session_by_address
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix
2013-12-04 ThomasVadd a sleep() to sessions, and remove some dead code
2013-12-04 ThomasVfix locks
2013-12-03 ThomasVpass sessions to processors; fixes memory leak in watch...
2013-11-25 ThomasVstop session immediately if handshake fails; move some...
2013-11-25 ThomasVfix another memory leak
2013-11-24 ThomasVheapy commands
2013-11-24 ThomasVstop server if txindex not used
2013-11-24 ThomasVfix memory leak (caused by thread never terminating)
2013-11-14 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-11-14 ThomasVremove support for abe
2013-11-14 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: typo
2013-11-14 Eagle[TM]Update docs: txindex in README, reindex in HOWTO
2013-11-14 ThomasVno more patch
2013-11-14 ThomasVMerge branch '3M3RY-mainline_bitcoind'
2013-11-14 ThomasVminor fix
2013-11-10 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Recommend downloading, update index stats, point...
2013-11-09 Eagle[TM]README.leveldb: no need for txindex
2013-11-07 Emery Hemingwayfixes to complete mainline_bitcoind merge
2013-11-07 Emery HemingwayMerge branch 'mainline_bitcoind' of github.com:luke...
2013-11-07 Luke DashjrAdjust code to work with unpatched bitcoind
2013-10-23 ThomasVcatch exceptions in script_GetOP
2013-10-16 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Describe self-signed SSL cert creation and use
2013-09-13 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: minor formatting + headline change
2013-09-13 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Update to 0.8.5, apt-get deps, other minor tweaks
2013-09-04 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: recommended bitcoind settings / restarts
2013-09-04 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Mark 0.8.4 supported, add strip command, notice...
2013-09-03 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: Mark 0.8.3 as hightest supported version, add...
2013-08-18 Eagle[TM]properly fix caller OP codes from bitcoin upstream...
2013-08-11 EagleTMMerge pull request #35 from daeronmeyer/master
2013-08-11 daeronmeyerUpdate deserialize.py
2013-06-27 Eagle[TM]Update howto to 0.8.3
2013-05-05 ThomasVMerge pull request #33 from hachre/patch-1
2013-05-05 ThomasVparanoid_checks
2013-05-02 ThomasVwait until bitcoind is ready on startup
2013-04-30 ThomasVin mempool, use input addresses from parser instead...
2013-04-30 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-04-30 ThomasVfix tcp responder
2013-04-29 Eagle[TM]add 64-bit to software requirements
2013-04-29 ThomasVdon't remove dupes in touched_addresses, it is wasteful
2013-04-29 ThomasVadd responder thread to session
2013-04-28 Harald GlattFixed some things in the Bitcoind compile description
2013-04-28 Maran H.Update README.leveldb
2013-04-28 EagleTMMerge pull request #32 from hachre/patch-1
2013-04-28 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-04-28 ThomasVfix: cache command
2013-04-28 ThomasVvastly more efficient method for invalidating cache...
2013-04-28 Harald GlattUpdate HOWTO.md
2013-04-27 Eagle[TM]fix bitcoind patch / compilation instructions
2013-04-26 ThomasVremove inactive sessions after 1000s
2013-04-26 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-04-26 ThomasVdo not do SSL handshake on connect
2013-04-21 Eagle[TM]fix download link to bitcoind
2013-04-20 ThomasVvarious fixes
2013-04-18 ThomasVfix possible race condition in collect_gargage
2013-04-16 ThomasVlog IP address in case of failure to open connection
2013-04-16 ThomasVfix the irc_socket_uses_100%_CPU bug
2013-04-15 ThomasVMerge pull request #25 from jkozera/patch-1
2013-04-15 ThomasVMerge pull request #28 from jkozera/patch-3
2013-04-15 ThomasVMerge pull request #27 from jkozera/patch-2
2013-04-14 Jerzy KozeraGet address from mempool for prevout not in db
2013-04-14 Jerzy KozeraOrder transactions from the same block correctly
2013-04-14 Eagle[TM]deprecate abe in conf, more details about leveldb and...
2013-04-13 Eagle[TM]update hw requirement and recommend bitcoind stable
2013-04-10 Eagle[TM]fix config block formatting
2013-04-10 Eagle[TM]Docu changes for switch to leveldb with limit, abe...
2013-04-10 ThomasVdefault to leveldb, use limit=100
2013-04-10 ThomasVdo not send port numbers when they are default
2013-04-08 ThomasVtroubleshooting
2013-04-07 ThomasVstop if an exception occurs other than KeyError
2013-04-07 ThomasVadd delay if tcp session cannot be started
2013-04-07 ThomasVfix
2013-04-06 ThomasVfix: set is not a list
2013-04-06 ThomasVupdate documentation
2013-04-06 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-04-06 ThomasVsemi-pruning server
2013-04-02 Jerzy KozeraDon't call hashout_hex on hashout_hex's result
2013-03-30 ThomasVMerge pull request #24 from bjd/perf
2013-03-27 Björge Dijkstra[perf] Fetch keys of mempool history maps outside of...
2013-03-04 ThomasVbump version number
2013-03-04 ThomasVnew database format, that handles p2sh addresses
2013-02-19 ThomasVirc: catch exception in gethostbyname
2013-02-12 ThomasVMerge pull request #23 from blockchain/master
2013-01-31 ThomasVremove comment from log
2013-01-30 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-01-30 ThomasVdeserialize p2sh transactions
2013-01-30 Ben ReevesWildcard Access-Control-Allow-Headers not allowed
2013-01-29 Eagle[TM]HOWTO: bitcoind version, server foundry for dumps,...
2013-01-29 ThomasVMerge branch 'master' of github.com:spesmilo/electrum...
2013-01-29 ThomasVfix decode/encode bug from pep8