Fix importprivkey issues.
[novacoin.git] / src / bitcoinrpc.cpp
2016-04-03 CryptoManiacFix importprivkey issues.
2016-04-01 CryptoManiacRPC: Replace resendtx with resendwallettransactions.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMove signature verification functions to CPubKey.
2016-03-28 svostIt's a c++: use string.clear()
2016-03-27 svostIt's a c++: use string.empty()
2016-03-14 svostFix msvc c4127 warning 290/head
2016-03-06 svostGet rid of boost::split function 287/head
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacDo some cleanup, add importmalleablekey RPC call
2016-02-18 Alexrpccrypt.cpp: Add message encryption and decryption...
2016-02-14 0xDEADFACERPC: encryptdata & decryptdata methods
2016-02-14 0xDEADFACERPC: Add new methods suitable for malleable key pairs...
2016-02-13 0xDEADFACEListMalleablePubKeys method
2016-02-11 0xDEADFACEAdd malleable keys support.
2015-10-04 CryptoManiacRPC scaninput: new parameters format
2015-10-01 svostGet rid of some msvc c4267 warnings 245/head
2015-09-16 CryptoManiacTiny NTP client.
2015-08-23 CryptoManiacRPC: Add dumpblock and dumpblockbynumber methods
2015-05-13 svostFix MSVC c4512 (assignment operator could not be generated) 223/head
2015-05-04 svostSwitch from boost int types to <stdint.h>
2015-04-01 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #191 from novacoin-project/scaninput
2015-03-28 CryptoManiacRPC: initial scaninput implementation.
2015-03-18 svostReplace non-threadsafe gmtime and setlocale 185/head
2015-02-06 CryptoManiacRPC: add new keypoolreset RPC call
2015-01-14 MASM fanRPC: getaddrmaninfo
2014-12-31 fsb4000Add removeaddress RPC call
2014-12-30 fsb4000Add a getaddednodeinfo RPC.
2014-12-30 fsb4000Add addnode RPC command.
2014-12-27 CryptoManiacCode cleanup
2014-12-18 CryptoManiacClean issues which some LLVM configurations don't like
2014-11-12 fsb4000getnettotals
2014-08-02 MASM fanRPC: Add mergecoins function
2014-07-31 MASM fanAdd createmultisig RPC
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacMerge support for watch-only addresses
2014-07-16 CryptoManiacMulti-threaded signatures checking support, rename...
2014-02-05 MASM fanMerge RPC and wallet updates from v0.4.4.6-nvc-update1
2013-09-15 alexRPC: sendalert params types casting
2013-08-24 alexRemove loop macro from util.h
2013-08-24 alexMitigate Timing Attacks On Basic RPC Authorization
2013-08-18 alexRPC: optional size parameter for keypoolrefill
2013-08-18 alexP2SH related RPC improvements
2013-07-28 alexAdd wallet dump functionality and key creation timestamps
2013-07-27 alexAdd getbestblockhash RPC call support
2013-06-19 alexhzAdd network PoW speed and Stake weight estimation into...
2013-06-15 alexRemove PoW-miner related RPC calls
2013-05-10 alexupdate to 0.4.1 v0.4.1-nvc
2013-04-16 alexhzAdd missing RPC calls
2013-04-15 alexhzupdate to 0.4 preview
2013-04-09 alexAdd getworkex
2013-03-26 alexhzFix PoS difficulty at 0.25 after blocks v3 supermajorit...
2013-03-07 alexUse 33 byte compressed keys
2013-03-01 alexRemove getworkex, for now
2013-03-01 alexImprove getblock/getblockbynumber output
2013-03-01 alexCleanup
2013-03-01 alexMerge non-wallet transactions support for gettransactio...
2013-02-25 alexAdd getpowreward RPC
2013-02-23 alexadd validatepubkey RPC call
2013-02-21 rootAdd resendtx RPC call
2013-02-19 alexUpdate to 0.3.0 (New upstream + new RPC calls)
2013-02-18 alexhzadd getblocktemplate support
2013-02-18 alexgetmemorypool patch by Sunny King
2013-02-17 alexAdd getnewpubkey RPC call
2013-02-10 BalthazarInitial commit of NovaCoin changes
2012-09-18 Sunny KingPPCoin: Combine FixSpentCoins and CheckSpentCoins
2012-09-16 Sunny KingPPCoin: Track coinstake search interval in RPC command...
2012-09-15 Sunny KingPPCoin: Rework stake minting to use randomized stake...
2012-09-05 Sunny KingPPCoin: Fix checkwallet/repairwallet since 7237fa0...
2012-08-30 Sunny KingPPCoin: RPC command 'getblock' to print mint amount...
2012-08-26 Sunny KingPPCoin: More detailed print of RPC command 'getblock'
2012-08-23 Sunny KingPPCoin: Fix coinbase mint checks
2012-08-03 Sunny KingPPCoin: Fix premature mint thread exit since 06281cf
2012-08-03 Scott NadalPPCoin: Enforce minimum output amount 1 cent
2012-08-01 Sunny KingPPCoin: Separate thread for minting proof-of-stake...
2012-08-01 Sunny KingPPCoin: RPC command 'getdifficulty' shows proof-of...
2012-07-30 Scott NadalPPCoin: No safe mode when detecting longer invalid...
2012-07-29 Sunny KingPPCoin: Replace RPC command 'setcheckpointkey' with...
2012-07-25 Sunny KingPPCoin: Change date display format and clean up a merge...
2012-07-25 Sunny KingPPCoin: Immediate sync-checkpoint to defend against...
2012-07-24 Sunny KingPPCoin: Make reservebalance a configuration option
2012-07-23 Scott NadalMerge with Bitcoin v0.6.3
2012-07-12 Sunny KingPPCoin: RPC 'makekeypair' limits loop to avoid hang
2012-07-10 Scott NadalPPCoin: Version number and rename checkpoint related...
2012-07-05 Sunny KingPPCoin: Sign block when communicating with miners via...
2012-06-29 Sunny KingPPCoin: RPC commands show difficulty of proof-of-work...
2012-06-26 Richard SmithPPCoin: Add RPC command 'getcheckpoint'
2012-06-26 Sunny KingPPCoin: Matching prefix of public key for RPC command...
2012-06-26 Scott NadalPPCoin: Remove automatic checkpoint code
2012-06-14 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.6.0.x' into 0.6.x
2012-06-14 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.5.x' into 0.6.0.x
2012-06-14 Philip KaufmannBugfix: Fix various places where Bitcoin-Qt was being...
2012-06-12 Scott NadalPPCoin: Automatically select a checkpoint for 'sendchec...
2012-06-11 Scott NadalPPCoin: RPC command 'sendcheckpoint'
2012-05-22 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.6.0.x' into 0.6.x
2012-05-22 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.4.x' into 0.5.x
2012-05-22 Richard SmithPPCoin: Separate newmint value from stake in RPC 'getin...
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-18 Jeff GarzikAlways check return values of TxnBegin() and TxnCommit()