CPubKey::Verify() : Fix memory leak.
[novacoin.git] / src / key.cpp
2016-04-12 CryptoManiacCPubKey::Verify() : Fix memory leak.
2016-04-12 CryptoManiacFix memory leak.
2016-04-02 CryptoManiacGet rid of fCompressedPubKey attribute.
2016-04-02 CryptoManiacPreserve key compression attribute while initializing...
2016-04-02 CryptoManiacOur internal state doesn't matter.
2016-04-01 CryptoManiacRPC: In addition to public key pairs, adjustmalleablepu...
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacPrivate key is self-sufficient.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacEC_EVP_KEY_free() causes memory corruption in libnssl.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacRemove senseless comparison.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMove signature verification functions to CPubKey.
2016-03-13 svostSwitch nSize to size_t
2016-03-12 svostUpdate for 85088c5 288/head
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacDon't throw exceptions while processing public values.
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacCleanup
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacMalleable keys: remove version byte
2016-03-04 CryptoManiacEncryption/decryption support for malleable keys.
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacDo some cleanup, add importmalleablekey RPC call
2016-02-15 CryptoManiacComparison fix
2016-02-14 0xDEADFACEMerge branch 'master' of ssh://github.com/novacoin...
2016-02-14 0xDEADFACERPC: Add new methods suitable for malleable key pairs...
2016-02-13 0xDEADFACEMerge pull request #273 from svost/includes
2016-02-13 0xDEADFACEListMalleablePubKeys method
2016-02-13 0xDEADFACERemove asserts.
2016-02-12 0xDEADFACEExperimental support for TX_PUBKEY_DROP spending.
2016-02-12 svostReorganize includes a bit. 273/head
2016-02-11 0xDEADFACEMalleable keys: Crypted R parameter support.
2016-02-11 CryptoManiacAsymmetric encryption stubs.
2016-02-11 0xDEADFACEAdd malleable keys support.
2015-10-16 svostFix: member variable fCompressedPubKey is not initializ...
2015-09-27 svostMember variable 'CKey::fCompressedPubKey' is not assign... 239/head
2015-05-16 svostFix some msvc C4244 warnings, also useless cast (ptime) 225/head
2015-04-26 CryptoManiacAutomatically reserialize non-canonical proof-of-stake...
2015-01-13 fsb4000Improve robustness of DER recoding code 115/head
2015-01-11 fsb4000OpenSSL fix 112/head
2014-10-30 fsb4000MSVC 37/head
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacFix order comparison.
2014-07-18 CryptoManiacUse low S to break signatures malleability issue
2014-07-18 CryptoManiacUse low S values instead of even values.
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacGenerate only signatures with even S values
2013-07-28 alexBUGFIX: SignCompact/SignCompactSignature memory leak
2013-04-15 alexhzupdate to 0.4 preview
2012-06-19 Gavin AndresenMerge branch '0.6.x' of git://gitorious.org/+bitcoin...
2012-06-19 Gavin AndresenMove signature cache from CKey::Verify to CheckSig...
2012-06-19 Gavin AndresenCache signature verifications
2012-06-19 Gavin AndresenRefactor: move code from key.h to key.cpp
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-02-07 Gavin AndresenUpdate all copyrights to 2012
2011-12-17 Pieter WuilleAdd GetSecret() and GetKeys() to CKeyStore