Use nOneDay
[novacoin.git] / src / main.cpp
2016-03-31 CryptoManiacUse nOneDay
2016-03-31 CryptoManiacStochastic broadcasting delay.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMove signature verification functions to CPubKey.
2016-03-27 svostIt's a c++: use string.empty()
2016-03-25 svostMain.cpp: fix type mismatch
2016-03-14 svostFix msvc c4127 warning 290/head
2016-03-13 svostFix msvc warning C4706: assignment within conditional... 289/head
2016-03-12 CryptoManiacList of unconditionally banned blocks.
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacResendTX: forced rebroadcasting of unconfirmed transact...
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'patch' of ssh://
2016-02-24 svostIntroduce nOneWeek constant
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacForce one week max offset for testNet.
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacMove transaction timestamp checking to CTxMemPool:...
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacDisable OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY for now, since the BIP68...
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacRemove BIP0031_VERSION and MEMPOOL_GD_VERSION.
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacRemove COINBASE_SIGOPS_SWITCH_TIME
2016-02-21 CryptoManiacAdd OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY support.
2016-02-14 CryptoManiacFix compilation error.
2016-02-13 0xDEADFACEMerge pull request #274 from svost/patch
2016-02-13 svostSame as @92e04fc 274/head
2016-02-12 svostFix V668 PVS Studio - deal with pointer and NULL 272/head
2016-02-03 0xDEADFACEMerge pull request #270 from svost/useless-cast
2016-01-31 svostGet rid of some useless-cast 270/head
2016-01-24 svostReorganize includes a bit. 267/head
2015-12-10 CryptoManiacNew validation rule is coming into force since 20 Decem...
2015-12-09 John ConnorUpdate main.cpp 258/head
2015-12-07 CryptoManiacAdd checkpoint + Reject blocks from the distant future
2015-10-16 svostReplacement (uint type)-1 by type.max 253/head
2015-10-14 Ivan PustogarovIgnore getaddr messages on Outbound connections. 251/head
2015-10-07 svostWe have constants (commit e1fc548) 249/head
2015-10-03 CryptoManiacDefine nOneDay and nOneHour constants.
2015-10-01 CryptoManiacFix integer overflow bug
2015-10-01 svostGet rid of some msvc c4267 warnings 245/head
2015-09-14 CryptoManiacGetBlockTrust() cleanup
2015-09-13 CryptoManiacStop calculating sigops in coinbase scriptsigs since...
2015-09-13 CryptoManiacRemove legacy implementations of stake reward calculation.
2015-09-13 CryptoManiacRemove legacy checkings.
2015-05-07 svostFix MSVC C4101 warnings 220/head
2015-04-27 CryptoManiacMinor refactoring of CheckBlockSignature()
2015-04-26 CryptoManiacAutomatically reserialize non-canonical proof-of-stake...
2015-04-24 CryptoManiacMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/newminer'
2015-04-19 CryptoManiacnMinimumInputValue variable should be used in the condi...
2015-04-18 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #212 from svost/bitcoin-net
2015-04-18 0xDEADFACEFix MinGW compilation issues.
2015-04-18 svostMerged from bitcoin: 212/head
2015-04-14 svostRemove msvc C4245 warning, better readability. 203/head
2015-04-13 MASM fanNew stake miner
2015-03-28 CryptoManiacFix memory leak.
2015-02-11 MASM fanAcquire CCheckQueue's lock to avoid race condition
2015-01-27 fsb4000устранил предупреждения компилятора 133/head
2015-01-24 MASM fanAdd new options for broadcast and keepalive intervals
2015-01-13 MASM fanSmall refactoring
2015-01-11 MASM fanMinor CheckBlock() optimizations.
2015-01-11 MASM fanCheck block signature only if there are no suitable...
2015-01-11 MASM fanMinor optimizations of initial block download.
2015-01-11 MASM fanRemove legacy code and timestamps.
2015-01-11 MASM fanPregenerated table of stake entropy bits for blocks...
2015-01-10 CryptoManiacIncrease IsStandard() scriptSig length
2015-01-08 fsb4000Log reason for non-standard transaction rejection 106/head
2014-12-27 CryptoManiacCode cleanup
2014-12-20 MASM fanRemove fProtocol048 checking.
2014-12-18 CryptoManiacClean issues which some LLVM configurations don't like
2014-11-24 alexhzMove basic variables back to main.cpp.
2014-11-24 CryptoManiacRestore testnet settings
2014-11-07 MASM fanMerge branch 'MSVC' of
2014-11-07 MASM fanRemove zerocoin for now
2014-10-30 fsb4000MSVC 37/head
2014-08-19 CryptoManiacImplement stake kernel mining as a separate function
2014-07-28 CryptoManiacMake sure we always have a node to do IBD from
2014-07-28 CryptoManiacRestore BDB block index wrapper and enable it by default.
2014-07-22 CryptoManiacUse STRICT_FLAGS for signatures validation 21/head
2014-07-18 CryptoManiacExtended signature format checkings.
2014-07-18 CryptoManiacUse low S to break signatures malleability issue
2014-07-16 CryptoManiacMulti-threaded signatures checking support, rename...
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacReplace VerifyScript with CScriptCheck
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacUse nBestHeight instead of index height.
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacScript verification fixes
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacMove VerifySignature to main
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacImplement additional script verification flags
2014-07-15 CryptoManiacRemove enforcecanonical option, it's always active...
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacMake sure that new stake modifier meets fixed generatio...
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacRelay OP_RETURN data TxOut as standard transaction...
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacUpdate stake miner GUI
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacTransactions verification update
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacNew transaction fees scheme
2014-02-21 AlexDisconnect buggy clients automatically.
2014-02-17 CryptoManiacCheckTransaction() strengthening 5/head
2014-02-12 MASM fanAdd -enforcecanonical option
2014-02-09 MASM fanNotifications clean up
2014-01-14 alexSecond pre-release update
2014-01-12 alexPre-0.4.8 update
2014-01-01 alexBump version to v0.4.4.6-nvc
2013-12-31 alexCache scrypt hashes on disk
2013-10-23 alexAdd -mininput=value option
2013-09-29 alexMerge coin control features v0.4.4.5
2013-09-28 alexRevert GetBlockTrust changes
2013-09-28 alexRemove legacy code, bump version number
2013-09-08 alexAdd trusted N for MainNet and TestNet, set denomination...