Refresh ntp servers list
[novacoin.git] / src / ntp.cpp
2018-08-20 svostRefresh ntp servers list 378/head
2016-02-03 0xDEADFACEMerge pull request #268 from svost/CloseSocket
2016-01-16 svostWe have constants (commit e1fc548) 263/head
2016-01-04 svostAdd CloseSocket (bitcoin@43f510d37d680ca4347878d2fb6f8b... 268/head
2015-10-04 svostUpdate ntp.cpp 248/head
2015-09-26 CryptoManiacNTP client memory leak fix.
2015-09-23 CryptoManiacMore NTP servers.
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacKeep old GetAdjustedTime() behavior if no NTP data...
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacMore than one samples seems enough.
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacRevert "const"
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacEOL
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacDebug messages.
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacconst
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacDon't start NTP thread if there is NTP server active...
2015-09-22 CryptoManiacAdditional randomization of NTP requests. Also add...
2015-09-21 CryptoManiacAutomatically choose between NTP, median peer time...
2015-09-21 CryptoManiacMore NTP servers.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacRemove NtpGetTime() and use NtpTime(CNetAddr&) instead.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacAdd Hurricane Electric and SixXs servers.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacAdd 5 new ntp servers.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacGet periodical time samples through NTP
2015-09-20 CryptoManiac10 seconds timeout for NTP requests.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacAdd Caltech time servers.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacAdd time samples from NTP while starting up.
2015-09-20 CryptoManiacAdd some public NTP servers.
2015-09-19 CryptoManiacNTP: use select & recvfrom for async socket handling.
2015-09-17 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #232 from svost/solution-ntp
2015-09-17 svostUpdate novacoin.solution concerning to tiny ntp client... 232/head
2015-09-17 CryptoManiacUse non-blocking socket for recvfrom.
2015-09-17 CryptoManiacRemove unused function.
2015-09-16 CryptoManiaccompat.h definitions should work well.
2015-09-16 CryptoManiacFix windows compilation issues.
2015-09-16 CryptoManiacTiny NTP client.