Refresh ntp servers list
[novacoin.git] / src / wallet.cpp
2018-08-20 svostRefresh ntp servers list 378/head
2016-09-23 svostFix listaddressgroupings comand 351/head
2016-04-04 CryptoManiacRevert "Split CMerkleTx::SetMerkleBranch" nvc-v0.5.8
2016-04-01 CryptoManiacRPC: Replace resendtx with resendwallettransactions.
2016-04-01 CryptoManiacMove some implementations of CWallet methods to wallet...
2016-04-01 CryptoManiacMove some implementations of CWallet methods to wallet...
2016-03-31 CryptoManiacRemove unused argument.
2016-03-31 CryptoManiacSplit CMerkleTx::SetMerkleBranch
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMove signature verification functions to CPubKey.
2016-03-27 svostIt's a c++: use string.empty()
2016-03-14 svostFix msvc c4127 warning 290/head
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacFix compilation warnings.
2016-03-11 CryptoManiacFix daemon compilation isue.
2016-03-11 CryptoManiacKeep address labels for pubkey pair addresses.
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacResendTX: forced rebroadcasting of unconfirmed transact...
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacDumpWallet() cleanup
2016-03-07 CryptoManiacNew dump function.
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacUse CBitcoinAddress ti store change destination
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacCleanup
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'patch' of ssh://
2016-03-04 CryptoManiacEncryption/decryption support for malleable keys.
2016-02-23 alexAdd CWallet::ExtractAddress method
2016-02-23 svostNot utilized
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacAdd -splitthreshold option
2016-02-18 CryptoManiacWallet core: remove SendMoneyToDestination
2016-02-14 0xDEADFACERPC: Add new methods suitable for malleable key pairs...
2016-01-31 svostGet rid of some useless-cast 270/head
2015-10-14 svostSmall code fixes: 252/head
2015-10-03 CryptoManiacDefine nOneDay and nOneHour constants.
2015-09-20 svostSuppress msvc c4244 warning
2015-05-15 svostFix MSVC C4800: 'type' forcing value to bool 'true... 224/head
2015-04-24 CryptoManiacMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/newminer'
2015-04-14 CryptoManiacUnitialized memory shouldn't be used as entropy source...
2015-04-14 CryptoManiacMiner stats didn't work in RPC and UI
2015-04-13 MASM fanNew stake miner
2015-03-02 MASM fanAdd -zapwallettxes cli/config option, used for wallet...
2015-02-14 CryptoManiacRemove unused compatibility code.
2015-02-11 MASM fanWallet decryption support
2015-02-06 CryptoManiacRPC: add new keypoolreset RPC call
2015-01-24 MASM fanRemove remainings of of sha512+scrypt key derivation
2015-01-19 CryptoManiacTry to broadcast transactions before saving it into...
2015-01-13 MASM fanSmall refactoring
2015-01-13 MASM fanSmall refactoring of coinstake & coinbase transactions...
2015-01-11 MASM fanRemove legacy code and timestamps.
2015-01-10 CryptoManiacComments update
2015-01-10 CryptoManiacAdd redeemScript size sanity checkings.
2015-01-09 0xDEADFACEUpdate meta comment
2014-12-31 fsb4000Add removeaddress RPC call
2014-12-27 CryptoManiacCode cleanup
2014-12-18 CryptoManiacClean issues which some LLVM configurations don't like
2014-11-29 fsb4000обновление статистики более часто 69/head
2014-11-27 MASM fanMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-27 MASM fanCalculate actual kernel and coin*day rates on the fly.
2014-11-27 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #58 from fsb4000/columnPoSReward
2014-11-27 fsb4000txtime
2014-11-24 MASM fanRefactoring
2014-11-24 fsb4000Wallet refuses to create mints with zero reward. 64/head
2014-11-20 fsb4000Add a menu entry in the transaction view allowing...
2014-11-18 MASM fanprintf formatting fixes
2014-11-18 fsb4000all cases TransactionChanged
2014-11-18 fsb4000Revert "fix bug "refresh minting tab""
2014-11-17 fsb4000fix bug "refresh minting tab" 55/head
2014-11-17 fsb4000PosTab
2014-11-07 MASM fanFix miner issues
2014-10-30 fsb4000MSVC 37/head
2014-08-28 CryptoManiacGetstakeweight: load coins metadata if there are no... 30/head
2014-08-28 CryptoManiacRPC: modify mergecoins
2014-08-20 CryptoManiacCoins metadata load fixes
2014-08-19 CryptoManiacCoins selection fix
2014-08-19 CryptoManiacImplement stake kernel mining as a separate function
2014-08-16 CryptoManiacRPC: mergecoins fix
2014-08-02 MASM fanRPC: Add mergecoins function
2014-07-26 CryptoManiacImplement IsMine filter 24/head
2014-07-25 CryptoManiacBugfix: Unspendable inputs handling
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacHandle unspendable inputs correctly.
2014-07-19 CryptoManiacMerge support for watch-only addresses
2014-07-10 alexUI fixes
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacAdd input weight to coin control interface
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacNew transaction fees scheme
2014-02-23 Luke DashjrBugfix: Avoid trying to parse outputs that aren't relev...
2014-02-14 MASM fanRename IsConfirmed() to IsTrusted()
2014-02-11 MASM fanAdd -confchange=0 option.
2014-02-05 MASM fanMerge RPC and wallet updates from v0.4.4.6-nvc-update1
2014-01-14 alexSecond pre-release update
2014-01-12 alexPre-0.4.8 update
2014-01-01 alexBump version to v0.4.4.6-nvc
2013-12-31 alexCache scrypt hashes on disk
2013-10-23 alexAdd -mininput=value option
2013-09-29 alexMerge coin control features v0.4.4.5
2013-09-04 alexAlways reserialize transactions before relaying
2013-08-25 alexAdd Google's LevelDB support
2013-08-24 alexRemove loop macro from util.h
2013-08-23 alexAdd scrypt+sha512 key derivation method.
2013-08-21 alexStake generation changes
2013-08-18 alexRPC: optional size parameter for keypoolrefill
2013-08-17 alexUpdate getmininginfo
2013-07-30 alexFix message
2013-07-29 alexAdd -walletnotify option