Get rid of 'e': all unused
[novacoin.git] / src /
2016-03-30 svostGet rid of 'e': all unused
2016-03-30 svostRemove print() methods: all unused
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacPrivate key is self-sufficient.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacEC_EVP_KEY_free() causes memory corruption in libnssl.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacRemove senseless comparison.
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-29 CryptoManiacMove signature verification functions to CPubKey.
2016-03-28 svostGet rid of ARRAYLEN macro 295/head
2016-03-28 svostIt's a c++: use string.clear()
2016-03-27 svostIt's a c++: use string.empty()
2016-03-27 svostReorg includes: fix MSVC buid 294/head
2016-03-27 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #293 from svost/patch
2016-03-27 CryptoManiacPartially revert acd906f9bbf55e42.
2016-03-26 svostRemove BOOST_FOREACH macro 293/head
2016-03-25 svostMain.cpp: fix type mismatch
2016-03-25 svostFix type mismatch
2016-03-24 svostMinor optimization
2016-03-24 CryptoManiacBump version to 0.5.7 nvc-v0.5.7
2016-03-24 CryptoManiaclupdate
2016-03-24 CryptoManiacTrying to proccess .app references correctly
2016-03-23 CryptoManiacQT5 fix
2016-03-23 CryptoManiacNetwork options: External seeder option
2016-03-22 CryptoManiacMSVC project update
2016-03-22 CryptoManiacFix
2016-03-22 CryptoManiacEXPERIMENTAL: custom peer collector
2016-03-21 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-21 CryptoManiacThere is no need for these conditions anymore.
2016-03-18 svostFix set of msvc C4127 warning 292/head
2016-03-18 svostSwitch from boost types to <stdint.h>
2016-03-17 CryptoManiacBump client version nvc-v0.5.6
2016-03-17 CryptoManiacCheckpoint
2016-03-17 svostInitializing: type mismatch 291/head
2016-03-17 svostFix msvc c4127 warning
2016-03-14 svostFix msvc c4127 warning 290/head
2016-03-14 svostVersion: compiler name suffix update
2016-03-14 svostFix msvc warning C4706: assignment within conditional...
2016-03-13 svostFix msvc warning C4706: assignment within conditional... 289/head
2016-03-13 svostSwitch nSize to size_t
2016-03-13 svostFix msvc c6262 warning: excessive stack usage
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacRPC: decryptmessage documentation fix
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacRemove unused includes.
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacECIES: Replace SHA1 with RIPEMD-160.
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacUse current CC and CXX environment variables for leveld...
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacFix compilation warnings.
2016-03-12 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #288 from svost/patch
2016-03-12 CryptoManiacNew version of OpenSSL
2016-03-12 CryptoManiacRevert "openssl: avoid config file load/race (see bitco...
2016-03-12 CryptoManiacList of unconditionally banned blocks.
2016-03-12 svostUpdate for 85088c5 288/head
2016-03-11 CryptoManiacAutomatically add empty label for pubkey pair addresses.
2016-03-11 CryptoManiacFix daemon compilation isue.
2016-03-11 CryptoManiacKeep address labels for pubkey pair addresses.
2016-03-11 svostCode style fix (no "tab" symbol).
2016-03-11 svostIes_ctx_t - move to try catch block
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacImportWallet() : process private key pairs
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacResendTX: forced rebroadcasting of unconfirmed transact...
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacc_str() isn't needed here
2016-03-08 CryptoManiacDumpWallet() cleanup
2016-03-07 CryptoManiacNew dump function.
2016-03-07 CryptoManiacCOunt received coins for owned pubkey-pair addresses...
2016-03-07 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-07 CryptoManiacIt's senseless to import pubkey pair address.
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #287 from svost/patch
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacUse CBitcoinAddress ti store change destination
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacSimplification of scriptPubKey handling code.
2016-03-06 svostGet rid of boost::split function 287/head
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacDon't throw exceptions while processing public values.
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacCleanup
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacAdd hex representation
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #286 from svost/patch
2016-03-05 svostUseless pragma 286/head
2016-03-05 svostSimplified macro
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacMalleable keys: remove version byte
2016-03-05 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'patch' of ssh://
2016-03-04 CryptoManiacEncryption/decryption support for malleable keys.
2016-03-04 CryptoManiacCheck for NULL values properly.
2016-03-04 CryptoManiacStore only the second half of private key pair.
2016-02-27 svostUpdate script.h 285/head
2016-02-27 svostSince the buffer is constant, we set the length directly
2016-02-24 svostIntroduce nOneWeek constant
2016-02-23 alexAdd CWallet::ExtractAddress method
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacRemove testnet condition
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacExperimental: use Solver to find out all solutions...
2016-02-23 svostNot utilized
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacForce one week max offset for testNet.
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacMove transaction timestamp checking to CTxMemPool:...
2016-02-23 svostFormatMoney cleanup
2016-02-23 svostFix msvc c4800: explicit cast to bool
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacDisable OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY for now, since the BIP68...
2016-02-23 CryptoManiacSeparate implementations of CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY and...
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacDo some cleanup, add importmalleablekey RPC call
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacBump CLIENT_VERSION_BUILD
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacRemove BIP0031_VERSION and MEMPOOL_GD_VERSION.
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacRemove COINBASE_SIGOPS_SWITCH_TIME
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #283 from svost/patch
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacAdd -splitthreshold option
2016-02-22 svostRemove c_str: stringvar1 = stringvar2 283/head
2016-02-22 CryptoManiacDon't compare oranges to apples.