2014-02-10 CryptoManiacAdd timestamp offset for block header master
2014-02-08 MASM fanDon't include transaction if it still too young
2014-02-08 MASM fanFix reward calculation
2014-02-07 0xDEADFACEUpdate README.md
2014-02-07 MASM fanUpdate developer public key
2014-02-07 MASM fanReadme update
2014-02-04 MASM fanAdd seed node
2014-02-04 MASM fanNew network settings
2014-02-04 MASM fanReplace pubkey hash with pubkey
2014-02-03 MASM fanFix PoW function call
2014-02-01 MASM fanNVC protocol v. 60011 support
2014-01-29 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #162 from adlai/master
2014-01-29 Adlai ChandrasekharIRC announce through worker endpoint
2014-01-27 Forrest Voightmade iongchun's genesis block patch handle failure...
2014-01-27 Forrest VoightMerge branch 'chk-genesis' of https://github.com/iongch...
2014-01-24 Forrest Voightattempt to fix web-static not being found
2014-01-20 Forrest Voightfixed possible crash introduced by prior commit
2014-01-20 Forrest Voightprint share hashes when share check fails
2014-01-20 Forrest Voightdeal with inefficiencient behaviour when chain is forked
2014-01-19 Forrest Voightban peers that send shares that fail to validate
2013-12-11 Ang Iongchuncheck bitcoind with genesis block
2013-12-07 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #144 from kevinxucs/virtualenv-1...
2013-12-07 Kaiwen XuUpdate Makefile to use virtualenv 1.10.1
2013-12-05 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #143 from terracoin/blockexplorer_ur...
2013-12-05 terracointerracoin blockexplorer url update.
2013-11-24 Forrest Voightprint RPC URL of merged mining daemon whose getauxblock... 13.4
2013-11-24 Forrest Voightreorganized format_dt
2013-11-17 Forrest Voightformat durations on web pages by automatically choosing...
2013-11-14 Forrest Voightrequire litecoin >=
2013-11-14 Forrest Voightadded sponsors to README
2013-11-05 Forrest Voightlower maximum shares per node from 5% to 1.67% (from...
2013-11-04 Forrest Voightadded nonce to bitcoin p2p ping/pong messages to fix...
2013-11-01 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #133 from terracoin/trc_hardfork_80002
2013-11-01 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #136 from Rav3nPL/patch-1
2013-11-01 Rav3nPLsend p2p version 70002
2013-10-16 Forrest Voightcompletely specified required versions in README
2013-09-28 Forrest Voightdisplay links to found shares in share explorer
2013-09-25 terracoinTRC hardfork @block 192239 / v0.8.0.2 (80002)
2013-09-24 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #132 from terracoin/trc_version_warn
2013-09-24 terracoinTRC version warning.
2013-09-21 Forrest Voightmerged share hash rate graph stores and made them stack...
2013-09-21 Forrest Voightadded cleaner migration function for peer graph data
2013-09-21 Forrest Voightremoved unused desired_versions graph data store
2013-09-20 Forrest Voightfixed labels being squished together for non-stacked...
2013-09-17 Forrest Voightmerged incoming/outgoing graph datastreams to fix probl...
2013-09-17 Forrest Voightremoved old desired_version_rates graph converter
2013-09-17 Forrest Voightadded orphan share rate graph
2013-09-17 Forrest Voightremoved unused argument in graphs
2013-09-16 Forrest Voightadded button to graphs to change stacked ones into...
2013-09-16 Forrest Voightupdated bitcoin version in README
2013-09-15 Forrest Voightwarn about bitcoin <0.8.5
2013-09-11 Forrest Voightfixed starting a new sharechain (broken by a flaw in...
2013-09-04 Forrest Voightadded --disable-advertise option to disable advertising...
2013-09-03 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #131 from kevinxucs/pip-requirement-fix
2013-09-03 Kaiwen XuFixed missing OpenSSL module error.
2013-08-25 Forrest Voightwarn user about bitcoin connection slots if p2p connect...
2013-08-23 Forrest Voightremoved transitional NEW_* network parameters (meant...
2013-08-22 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #129 from Krellan/master
2013-08-22 Forrest Voightsome touchups to 2664f794
2013-08-21 Josh LehanRewrote URL references and redirects to be relative...
2013-08-20 Forrest Voightremoved stratum nonce hacks
2013-08-20 Forrest Voightinclude txs in share explorer (and other share explorer...
2013-08-20 Forrest Voightremoved old share implementation
2013-08-19 Forrest Voightcleaned up ShareStore interface
2013-08-19 Forrest Voightchanged litecoin block announce channel to #p2pool-ltc
2013-08-18 Forrest Voightfixed sharereply result handler raising a string as... 13.3
2013-08-18 Forrest Voightadded bits to block-stale punishment message
2013-08-18 Forrest Voightadded version, protocol_version, and fee to /local_stats
2013-08-18 Forrest Voightcheck version on all networks, now that litecoin net...
2013-08-04 Forrest Voightreplace task.LoopingCall's with deferral.RobustLoopingC...
2013-08-03 Forrest VoightRevert "remove deferral.sleep's canceller, as it wasn...
2013-08-02 Forrest Voightfixed broken testcase
2013-08-02 Forrest Voightfixed CLEAN script
2013-08-02 Forrest Voightcheck if bitcoind is still up before work cache is...
2013-08-02 Forrest Voightclose stratum connection if get_work fails to let miner...
2013-07-26 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #121 from ncstdc/master
2013-07-26 ncstdcUpdate networks.py
2013-07-21 Forrest Voightfixed error in assertion text
2013-07-21 Forrest Voightupdated SHARE_PERIOD to current value so everything...
2013-07-19 Forrest VoightMerge pull request #119 from Rav3nPL/patch-2 13.2
2013-07-19 Forrest Voightfix for commit f5239b2: refuse to connect to old nodes...
2013-07-18 Forrest Voightincreased available stratum nonce length for bitcoin...
2013-07-18 Forrest Voightrefuse to connect to old nodes for bitcoin network
2013-07-15 Rav3nPLless spam when 'invalid hash for'
2013-07-08 Forrest Voightdon't punish new shares for not having all transactions... 13.1
2013-07-07 Forrest VoightMerge branch 'newshare' 13.0
2013-07-07 Forrest Voightfixed incompatibility bug with pypy
2013-07-07 Forrest Voightfix bug when bootstrapping a new chain, introducted...
2013-07-07 Forrest Voightadded year as an allowable time unit for display
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightincreased maximum difficulty multiplier to 30
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightupdated bootstrap addrs
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightsimplified transaction preforwarding by requiring share...
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightstore total share count and work within shares
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightincremented network version to 13
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightchange SHARE_PERIOD and SPREAD to new values on switch...
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightuse OP_RETURN in new shares
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightincreased last_txout_nonce length from 4 to 8 bytes
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightchanged new share to delay payouts 1 share
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightadded new share class
2013-07-03 Forrest Voightonly duplicated Share class so next few changes are...