2015-09-16 CryptoManiacTrimArray() simplification master
2015-09-16 CryptoManiacnBlockTrust cleanup.
2015-09-16 CryptoManiacRemove legacy stake reward calculation code.
2015-09-15 CryptoManiacCosmetic changes.
2015-09-14 CryptoManiacEnforce rule that the coinbase starts with serialized...
2015-09-13 CryptoManiacDon't calculate sigops for coinbase scriptsig.
2015-09-12 CryptoManiacUse Low32 property.
2015-09-12 CryptoManiacCorrect calculation of modifier checksums.
2015-09-12 CryptoManiacAdd stake modifier checkpoints & do some cleanup
2015-09-12 CryptoManiacUse Checkpoints.Verify to verify whether hash contradic...
2015-09-11 CryptoManiacAdd checkpoint at block #200000
2015-09-11 CryptoManiacUse signed 64 bit integers for better compatibility.
2015-09-10 CryptoManiacLimit duplicity on stake & Process orphans only if...
2015-09-10 CryptoManiacDon't check proof-of-stake signature twice.
2015-09-10 CryptoManiacCheckProofOfWork should be static.
2015-09-10 CryptoManiacMinor cleanup
2015-09-10 CryptoManiacUse GetProofOfStakeHash
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacSave proof-of-stake kernel hash.
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacReplace ref with out in the stake modifier calculation...
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacFix multiplication bug.
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacFlush cursor item directrly to resolve syncronization...
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacFix txpos calculation issue and use out instead of...
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacAdd vtx.Length value to output.
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacYet another bugfix. :)
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacFix issue with connecting same-block-confirmed inputs.
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacUse BigNum for rewards calculation.
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacIEquatable, IComparable implementation.
2015-09-09 CryptoManiacAdd wrapper for BouncyCastle's BigInteger.
2015-09-08 CryptoManiacAdd incompatibility notice.
2015-09-08 CryptoManiacgetTxOutItem()
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacIssue to be dealt with in the near future.
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacFix merkleNode exceptions.
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacGetCoinAge
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacGetMinTxFee & use unsigned int for sizes.
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacGetProofOfStakeReward
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacConnectInputs + stubs for GetCoinAge, GetMinFee and...
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacRun block addition database operations in single transa...
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacCalculation of ValueIn and nSigops, implementation...
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacRemove interfaces, split database objects into new...
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacSave best height, best hash and best trust.
2015-09-07 CryptoManiacAdd checkpoints file.
2015-09-06 CryptoManiacCheckpoints valudation, PoW reward calculation and...
2015-09-06 CryptoManiacWorking on Reorganize implementation.
2015-09-06 CryptoManiacFetchInputs
2015-09-06 CryptoManiacBeginning of FetchInputs implementation.
2015-09-05 CryptoManiacBugfix
2015-09-05 CryptoManiacNewtonsoft.Json assembly reference.
2015-09-05 CryptoManiacFew new structures to be used in the near future.
2015-09-05 CryptoManiacValueOut property.
2015-09-05 CryptoManiacStatic methods for output array serialization/deseriali...
2015-09-05 CryptoManiacStatic methods for output array serialization and deser...
2015-09-04 CryptoManiacFix integer overflow issue.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacInitial implementation of stake modifier calculation.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacChain trust score computation.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacStakeModifier: remove BigInteger dependency
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacuint -> ulong
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacMultiplication operator for uint160/uint256.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacuint160 and uint256 division operations.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacnChainChecksSwitchTime comstant.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacuint256 division stub
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacImplementation of operator* for uint160 and uint256.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacAdd operator% for uint160 and uint256.
2015-09-03 CryptoManiacoperator/ for uint160 and uint256
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacIsInMainChain property
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacStakeModifier class.
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacFix
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacAdd new block cursor helper properties, start implement...
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacAdd stake entropy bit generation.
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacVerification of claimed Proof-of-Work.
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacTypo.
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacRemove Hash, Hash256, Hash160 and ScryptHash256 classes.
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacRemove RIPEMD160, SHA1 and SHA256 classes.
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacImprove CryptoUtils with wrappers for managed implement...
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacImplementation of IEquatable<base_uint> and IEqualityCo...
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacRedefine uint160.nWidth,, uint256.nWidth...
2015-09-02 CryptoManiacDescription fix.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacAdd Compact property to uint256.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacHACK: initialize base.nWidth to resolve comparison...
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacComplete implementation of uint256 and uint160 classes.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacOverride Equals(object)
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacOverload basic operations with base_uint class.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacstubs for uint256/uint160
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacPreliminary block checkings.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacnMaxSigOps constant.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacYet another cosmetic change.
2015-09-01 CryptoManiacCosmetic changes.
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacReplace ByteQueue with its simplified version, Instruct...
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacReplace CTransaction constructor with MemoryStream...
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacReadTxInList, ReadTxOutList and ReadTxList are internal...
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacCBlock: serialization
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacFix serialization issue.
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacTurn ByteQueue into MemoryStream wrapper, use MemoryStr...
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacDispose writable stream properly.
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacBlock serialization + copile error fixes.
2015-08-31 CryptoManiacBlock and transaction verifications
2015-08-30 CryptoManiacCopy&paste typo fix
2015-08-30 CryptoManiacMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-30 CryptoManiacTransaction script verification, unserealize exceptions
2015-08-30 CryptoManiacToInt64 -> ToUInt64