Merge branch 'master' of
[electrum-server.git] / backends / irc /
2013-12-16 ThomasVwait a bit before asking for a new socket if the link...
2013-12-06 Eagle[TM]irc: fix random nick generation with hex string in...
2013-12-03 ThomasVpass sessions to processors; fixes memory leak in watch...
2013-11-24 ThomasVheapy commands
2013-04-28 ThomasVfix: cache command
2013-04-16 ThomasVfix the irc_socket_uses_100%_CPU bug
2013-04-10 ThomasVdo not send port numbers when they are default
2013-04-06 ThomasVsemi-pruning server
2013-02-19 ThomasVirc: catch exception in gethostbyname
2013-01-14 Bryan Stittpep8 and utility cleanup
2012-12-21 Eagle[TM]increase IRC socket timeout to 300 to avoid rare cases...
2012-11-29 ThomasVpull req by EagleTM (retyped manually)
2012-11-26 Eagle[TM]adding report_ config fields for different host and...
2012-11-20 ThomasV'pruning' flag
2012-11-15 ThomasVslightly improved messages
2012-11-04 ThomasVnew protocol (version 0.5), sending serialized transactions
2012-10-17 ThomasVserver-side support for ssl
2012-07-19 cobleeGeneralize the way to setup the server to use Litecoin.
2012-07-19 cobleeLitecoin servers login to IRC with user name starting...
2012-06-20 ThomasVsend server version on request
2012-06-20 ThomasVbroadcast version number
2012-06-19 ThomasVstop the server if abe fails
2012-06-13 ThomasVfix: line might be empty
2012-06-13 ThomasVadding server.load command
2012-06-13 ThomasVrestructuring: each processor has its own queue
2012-06-13 ThomasVthreadsafe get_session
2012-06-10 ThomasVrm native port
2012-06-05 ThomasVdisplay session type
2012-06-05 ThomasVadd timeout for http sessions
2012-05-19 ThomasVjsonrpc compliance.
2012-05-02 ThomasVreturn response to server.version
2012-04-30 ThomasVcheck password for 'info' command. display version...
2012-04-30 ThomasVadd server info command. send command line commands...
2012-04-29 ThomasVnotification
2012-04-06 genjixRenamed: modules -> backends