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2019-09-25 Laser9unChange the path for macx
2016-03-27 CryptoManiacQREncode linking fix
2016-03-27 CryptoManiacPartially revert acd906f9bbf55e42.
2016-03-23 CryptoManiacNetwork options: External seeder option
2016-03-22 CryptoManiacEXPERIMENTAL: custom peer collector
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacUse current CC and CXX environment variables for leveld...
2016-03-13 CryptoManiacFix compilation warnings.
2016-03-12 CryptoManiacNew version of OpenSSL
2016-03-06 CryptoManiacSimplification of scriptPubKey handling code.
2016-03-04 CryptoManiacAdd DEBUG option
2016-02-14 0xDEADFACERPC: encryptdata & decryptdata methods
2016-02-11 0xDEADFACEMalleable keys: Crypted R parameter support.
2015-12-10 CryptoManiacOSX 10.11
2015-12-07 CryptoManiacMessage fix
2015-12-07 CryptoManiacRevert scaninput optimizations for compatibility reasons.
2015-10-19 0xDEADFACEFix stake miner interval checking.
2015-10-18 0xDEADFACEMINGW64: Add TARGET_PLATFORM option
2015-10-18 0xDEADFACEBUGFIX: detection of i586 and x86_64
2015-10-18 CryptoManiacReorganize includes a bit.
2015-10-17 CryptoManiacOSX: Add SDK path
2015-10-17 CryptoManiacOSX: typo fix
2015-10-17 CryptoManiacOSX build: Adjustment of BDB and OpenSSL path
2015-10-17 AdminUse bdb 6.1 by default.
2015-10-16 svostTypo fixed
2015-10-16 0xDEADFACEQt project: Better x86 and freebsd compatibility.
2015-10-16 CryptoManiacRename ScanMidstateWorker to KernelWorker, move kernel...
2015-10-14 CryptoManiacRPC scaninput: Add 8way implementation, but disable...
2015-10-13 CryptoManiacRemove UPNP support & do some cleanup.
2015-10-12 CryptoManiacRemove copy_swap module, fix sha256 endianess and targe...
2015-10-11 CryptoManiacAdd SSSE3 imnplementation ofg block copy function,...
2015-10-11 CryptoManiacRPC scaninput: replace Intel implementation of sha256...
2015-10-09 CryptoManiacAdd SSE4 implementation of sha256.
2015-10-08 CryptoManiacAVX implementation of sha256.
2015-10-01 CryptoManiacQRCode support is always enabled now;
2015-09-21 CryptoManiacAdd __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS for INT64_MAX
2015-09-16 CryptoManiacTiny NTP client.
2015-09-16 PenekAdd form for second authorization (2fa) with checking... 231/head
2015-04-18 svostMerged
2015-04-09 CryptoManiacReorganize scrypt function implementations.
2015-04-05 fsb4000выбор папки для базы блоков из GUI 198/head
2015-04-05 CryptoManiacRevert "выбор папки для базы блоков из GUI" 197/head
2015-04-04 fsb4000выбор папки для базы блоков из GUI 193/head
2015-04-01 CryptoManiacSwitch to PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC and remove pbkdf2.h, pbkdf2.cpp 191/head
2015-03-17 MASM fanFix some configuration issues.
2015-03-15 fsb4000scrypt SSE2 182/head
2015-01-05 CryptoManiacRevert "fix MinGW build" 101/head
2015-01-05 fsb4000fix MinGW build 100/head
2014-12-27 CryptoManiacCode cleanup
2014-12-23 MASM fanMinGW-w64 4.9 compatibility & misc
2014-12-19 CryptoManiacDefault SDK 10.7 is enough for compatibility.
2014-12-15 MASM fanAdd linker flags
2014-11-29 fsb4000multisig dialog 70/head
2014-11-27 CryptoManiacSwitch GetMyExternalIP from HTTP request to STUN approach
2014-11-22 gadesFix make problem OS X 61/head
2014-11-17 fsb4000PosTab
2014-11-12 MASM fanRevert "Rename translation files bitcoin_*.ts to novaco...
2014-11-12 gadesAdd traffic monitor
2014-11-12 Dmitriy KorniychukAdd traffic monitor
2014-11-12 Dmitriy KorniychukRename translation files bitcoin_*.ts to novacoin_*.ts
2014-11-07 MASM fanFix leveldb building
2014-11-07 MASM fan--large-address-aware isn't supported by mingw-w64 4.6
2014-11-07 0xDEADFACEMerge pull request #41 from fsb4000/miniupnpc
2014-11-07 MASM fanRemove zerocoin for now
2014-11-07 MASM fanMakefiles refactoring
2014-11-04 fsb4000additional definition for miniupnpc 1.9 41/head
2014-10-21 fsb4000Qt 5 compatibility
2014-08-02 MASM fanSplit off translations code into separate .pro file
2014-07-28 CryptoManiacRestore BDB block index wrapper and enable it by default.
2014-07-12 CryptoManiacSplit off hash.h from util.h
2014-07-10 CryptoManiacNew transaction fees scheme
2014-01-14 alexSecond pre-release update
2013-09-29 alexMerge coin control features v0.4.4.5
2013-09-28 alexRemove OpenMP flags for now
2013-09-13 alexAdd ARM scrypt implementation
2013-09-13 BalthazarEnable -msse2 for 32 bit g++ only
2013-09-08 alexAdd ZeroTest self-testing routine
2013-09-08 alexAdd OpenMP linking flag
2013-09-08 alexImport ZeroCoin adapted sources
2013-09-06 alexUse MinGW64 compilers suite for building windows execut...
2013-08-31 alexAdd USE_O3 option
2013-08-31 alexSwitch LevelDB back to default database engine
2013-08-25 alexDisable levelDB support by default
2013-08-25 alexSmall and simple hack to override compiler warning
2013-08-25 alexAdd Google's LevelDB support
2013-08-24 alexMove proof-of-stake miner and block creation to separat...
2013-08-23 alexRename scrypt_mine.(cpp|h) to scrypt.(cpp|h)
2013-07-30 alexBump version numbers
2013-06-15 alexIncrease version
2013-05-10 Alexfix
2013-05-10 alexupdate to 0.4.1 v0.4.1-nvc
2013-04-15 alexhzRestore SSE2 flags
2013-04-15 alexhzupdate to 0.4 preview
2013-04-08 alexhzMac deployment scripts update
2013-02-19 alexrestore windows dependencies
2013-02-19 alexadd kernel files
2013-02-18 rootfix pro
2013-02-10 BalthazarInitial commit of NovaCoin changes
2013-02-10 rootsome files removal