Merge pull request #310 from svost/master
[novacoin.git] / src / net.cpp
2016-04-10 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #310 from svost/master
2016-04-10 CryptoManiacUpdate seed nodes array.
2016-04-10 svostDNSNode: fix source name 310/head
2016-03-31 CryptoManiacGet rid of fTrickle parameter.
2016-03-31 CryptoManiacStochastic broadcasting delay.
2016-03-28 svostIt's a c++: use string.clear()
2016-03-26 svostRemove BOOST_FOREACH macro 293/head
2016-03-18 svostFix set of msvc C4127 warning 292/head
2016-03-14 svostFix msvc c4127 warning 290/head
2016-02-24 svostIntroduce nOneWeek constant
2016-02-03 0xDEADFACEMerge pull request #270 from svost/useless-cast
2016-01-31 svostGet rid of some useless-cast 270/head
2016-01-04 svostAdd CloseSocket (bitcoin@43f510d37d680ca4347878d2fb6f8b... 268/head
2015-10-21 Wladimir J. van... move WSAStartup to init 255/head
2015-10-13 CryptoManiacRemove UPNP support & do some cleanup.
2015-10-07 svostWe have constants (commit e1fc548) 249/head
2015-10-01 svostGet rid of some msvc c4267 warnings 245/head
2015-09-29 svostAdded GetArgInt function 242/head
2015-09-26 CryptoManiacAdd new Tor seed node.
2015-09-23 CryptoManiacRemove StakeMiner function, mine blocks directly in...
2015-09-23 CryptoManiacMove stake mining function wrapper definition to miner...
2015-09-20 CryptoManiac;)
2015-09-20 Huang LeUse pnode->nLastRecv as sync score directly 234/head
2015-09-19 CryptoManiacDefine additional constants for zero and irc port number.
2015-09-18 CryptoManiacUse uint16_t for port number.
2015-04-26 gadesprevent SOCKET leak in BindListenPort()
2015-04-26 gadessmall cleanup of #ifdefs in BindListenPort()
2015-04-18 CryptoManiacMerge pull request #212 from svost/bitcoin-net
2015-04-18 0xDEADFACEFix MinGW compilation issues.
2015-04-18 svostMerged from bitcoin: 212/head
2015-04-18 Philip Kaufmannfix some thread related log messages
2015-04-18 svostMerged
2015-04-14 CryptoManiacUse UINT64_MAX
2015-04-14 svostRemove msvc C4245 warning, better readability. 203/head
2015-04-08 CryptoManiacRemove seed.
2015-01-26 CryptoManiacImprove Tor support
2015-01-25 CryptoManiacImprove Tor support
2015-01-24 CryptoManiacUpdate pnseed array
2015-01-10 fsb4000лишний пробел 109/head
2015-01-10 fsb4000fix "List iterator not dereferencable" and
2015-01-05 MASM fanFixes issue introduced in pull#90.
2015-01-01 fsb4000prevent division by zero
2015-01-01 fsb4000Use a copy in place of mapMultiArgs["-addnode"].
2015-01-01 fsb4000Try more than the first address for a DNS -addnode.
2014-12-30 fsb4000Fix addnode "onetry": Connect with OpenNetworkConnection
2014-12-30 fsb4000Add addnode RPC command.
2014-12-29 CryptoManiacaddrman.h, main.h: fix msvc warnings
2014-12-27 CryptoManiacUse fixed data types for some basic structures
2014-12-27 CryptoManiacCode cleanup
2014-12-20 MASM fanAdd for now.
2014-12-18 CryptoManiacClean issues which some LLVM configurations don't like
2014-12-05 CryptoManiacUpdate seed nodes list
2014-11-27 CryptoManiacSwitch GetMyExternalIP from HTTP request to STUN approach
2014-11-12 gadesAdd traffic monitor
2014-11-12 Dmitriy KorniychukAdd traffic monitor
2014-10-30 fsb4000MSVC 37/head
2014-09-21 MASM fanAdd to DNS seed nodes
2014-07-28 CryptoManiacAdd bytessent, bytesrecv and syncnode to getpeerinfo 26/head
2014-07-28 CryptoManiacMake sure we always have a node to do IBD from
2014-07-18 CryptoManiacFix segmentation fault during shutdown.
2014-07-16 CryptoManiacMulti-threaded signatures checking support, rename...
2014-02-21 MASM fanAdd new dns seed node. v0.4.4.6-nvc-update2
2014-02-14 MASM fanRevert "Merge pull request #2 from jyap808/osx_build_fixes"
2014-02-13 Julian YapIntegrate various fixes so Novacoin builds on OSX 2/head
2013-09-29 alexAdd dnsseed server
2013-09-04 alexAlways reserialize transactions before relaying
2013-08-24 alexRemove loop macro from util.h
2013-08-22 alexRename BitcoinMiner() function to StakeMiner(), remove...
2013-08-14 alexEnable DNS seeding
2013-07-27 alexDump addresses every 600s
2013-07-27 alexFix for invalid conversion issue on Win32
2013-06-15 alexRemove PoW-miner related code
2013-05-10 alexupdate to 0.4.1 v0.4.1-nvc
2013-04-15 alexhzupdate to 0.4 preview
2013-02-19 alexUpdate to 0.3.0 (New upstream + new RPC calls)
2013-02-10 alexhzfix pnseed
2013-02-10 alexhzfix pnseed
2013-02-10 BalthazarInitial commit of NovaCoin changes
2012-08-16 Sunny KingPPCoin: Update pnSeed for 0.1 release
2012-08-05 Sunny KingPPCoin: Switch dnsseed to
2012-08-01 Sunny KingPPCoin: Separate thread for minting proof-of-stake...
2012-07-25 Sunny KingPPCoin: Change date display format and clean up a merge...
2012-07-23 Scott NadalMerge with Bitcoin v0.6.3
2012-06-14 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.6.0.x' into 0.6.x
2012-06-14 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.5.x' into 0.6.0.x
2012-06-14 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.4.x' into 0.5.x
2012-06-14 Philip KaufmannBugfix: Fix various places where Bitcoin-Qt was being...
2012-06-06 Philip Kaufmannfix an incorrect if-clause in net.cpp
2012-05-25 Pieter WuilleDo not signal outbound semaphore if uninitialized
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-20 FordyUpdate License in File Headers
2012-05-10 Pieter WuilleUse semaphores instead of condition variables
2012-05-01 Philip Kaufmannfix compiler warning "suggest explicit braces to avoid...
2012-04-27 Timothy RedaelliWe should include netinet/in.h to use sockaddr_in ...
2012-04-27 Timothy RedaelliWe should include netinet/in.h to use sockaddr_in ...
2012-04-27 Timothy RedaelliWe should include netinet/in.h to use sockaddr_in ...
2012-04-23 Jeff GarzikChange signed->unsigned at 3 code sites
2012-04-22 Luke DashjrMerge branch '0.5.x' into 0.6.0.x